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Linden Education Centre

The Linden Education Centre (LEC) is situated in South Farnborough, providing an alternative education environment to a wide range of students who are not able to access the curriculum in a mainstream school setting.

The LEC is a Hampshire Children’s Services educational provision whose primary aim is to provide a relevant and continuing education for students with emotional, medical and behavioural needs.

Students can be referred to the Centre for many reasons. Some students who attend the Centre may be in danger of being permanently excluded from school, whilst others have been referred because of emotional and behavioural difficulties. The Centre also offers support to students referred through GPs or CAMHS or who are considered to be emotionally vulnerable. An increasing amount of intervention is provided by our outreach service which supports students attending any of the partnership schools which includes:

  • The Wavell School
  • Courtmoor
  • Calthorpe Park
  • Cove Secondary
  • Yateley School
  • Bohunt
  • The Connaught
  • Fernhill
  • Robert Mays
  • Frogmore Community College
  • Amery Hill
  • The Petersfield School
  • Mill Chase

The main aim of the LEC is to re-integrate students successfully back into school at the earliest opportunity or, if this is not appropriate, to prepare them fully for post-16 opportunities. During the time they attend here they are taught by experienced staff and are provided with a caring, happy and secure environment, which promotes high expectations both in behaviour and in academic performance. Success is rewarded through a number of incentive and recognition schemes.

All Key Stage 3 and 4 students are offered a programme according to their individual needs. Most students attend between the hours of 8.45am to 2.35pm. Constant review of the suitability of the education on offer means that students’ timetables and groupings will change from time to time.

The ethos of the LEC is underpinned by its ‘working in partnership’ approach. The initial partnership of student, carers and the Centre is further extended by the wider agencies who work with us to ensure that every student aspires to achieve their full potential academically and socially.

Every Child Deserves Another Chance

It is essential in today’s educational environment, to promote an ethos where it is safe for all individuals to grow as learners and people; where difference is seen as an enrichment of life, where thinking is challenged positively and choices are made confidently after reflection and with sensitivity.

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